Why Lead


We offer an ideal mix of skills, attitude and delivery orientation. We understand your requirements and orient ourselves with your goals this, combined with our current experience in working with companies of varied sizes and commercial intent, provides us with a good combination for an HR Consulting option, especially since these arrangements require a solid understanding of each others working style, trust in the each others skills and attitude and most importantly tried and tested communication.

While we understand the issues related to an organization’s view point, we also understand the needs of people who require change in their professional lives. Both combined, make us the ideal option to understand your needs and match them with the requirements of those who may choose to work with you.


Indian personnel are amongst the most hard-working and efficient in the world. They combine thorough skill and knowledge with sheer diligence. They are the most mobile workforce in the world. Due to the relatively low pay scales in India they come at reasonable and affordable salaries. It is for their mental as well as psychological prowess that they are found in all corners of the world engaged in some productive activity.

India is a geographically diverse country. This has many advantages since the spectrum and scopes of skills available in India are tremendous. There is a homogenous mix of people and trades who excel at their skills due to generations which have worked at the same trades like the Masons of Rajasthan, Carpenters of Gujarat. There is a hierarchy of Refineries and huge petrochemical installations which generate excellent experienced mechanical / electrical / instrumentation engineers and technicians.

In the recent years India has ventured into oil exploration in a big way. Due to this there are oilfields scattered all over the country. A major portion of the workforce working in the oil rich nations of the Middle East comprises Indians. After the Gulf war, Indian personnel were in great demand to work on the burning oil wells, in the reconstruction of Kuwait's oil industry. Indian manpower in the last 20 years has had a presence in oil drilling and exploration all over the globe. Due to this, besides local skills there are personnel available with experience abroad as well.

A rich tradition of core math's and fundamental sciences in institutes like the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), IIM (Indian Institute of Management) and REC (Regional Engineering College) produce technical brains which are comparable to the best in the world.


If you are looking for a new career and a new job in the Built Environment or Oil & Gas sector then handling your interview with professionalism is essential. As well as reviewing your qualifications, experience and your CV, a potential employer well leave the final decision down to how your come across and perform in the pressure situation within the interview. If you would like any advice at any point of the process please contact one of our highly trained recruitment consultants at Lead Recruitment Services.

Here are 10 tips for interview success;

First impressions count

Greet your interviewer with a smile and firm handshake. Give eye contact. Try to make small talk during the walk from the reception area to the interview room.

Be prepared

Re-read your CV and the job advert just before the interview. Do your research thoroughly: Look at the company web site or obtain literature. You may be asked about the salary you are after so make sure you research that as well.

Don't waffle

Answer questions properly - even if you need a few moments' silence to collect your thoughts. It's better to say you need a minute to think about your answer rather than speak instantly and regret it afterwards.

Why should they hire you?

Most job adverts will list qualities they're looking for - a team worker, a good communicator - so it's up to you to think of examples of how you can demonstrate these skills. Be ready to talk about your knowledge, experience, abilities and skills. Have at least three strong points about yourself that you can relate to the company and job on offer.

Be positive

Your interviewer will be thinking about what it would be like to work with you, so the last thing they'll want to hear is you talking about your boss or current colleagues behind their back. Interviewers like to see someone who enjoys a challenge and is enthusiastic.

Remember your body language

It is not what you say, but how you say it. During the interview, do not fold your arms and lean back or look to the floor! Sit upright and try to maintain good eye contact. Use your hands and lean forward when making a point. Many people cannot think and control their body language at the same time, which is why you need to prepare.

Expect the unexpected

Your interviewer may try to catch you off guard: A survey has revealed that 90 per cent of employers ask 'killer' questions in interviews. It is impossible to plan for every difficult question, such as "How would your colleagues describe you?" but try to appear relaxed and in control. Ask the interviewer to repeat the question if necessary but do not evade it.

Develop rapport

Show energy, a sense of humour and smile. Ask your interviewer questions about themselves and any issues the business is facing. Have at least two questions prepaerd in advance.

Clarify anything you are unsure of

If you are not certain what are meant by a particular question, ask for clarification. At the end, ask the interviewer if there is anything else he or she needs to know about. Do not be afraid to ask when you are likely to hear if you have been successful or not.

Remember your manners

It is better to choose than to be chosen. Tell the interviewer why you are interested in the company and job opportunity. Ask them for a business card and follow it up by sending a "thank-you" e-mail or letter, saying how much you enjoyed meeting them and how interested you are. Take the opportunity to detail the key advantages you bring.

The Lead Recruitment Team are dedicated to making your search for employment as successful as possible and are available to discuss you situation whenever is best suited to you.